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RandomNumberStreamStreamStatus Enumeration

Enum indicating the status of a random number stream.

Namespace: CenterSpace.NMath.Core
Assembly: NMath (in NMath.dll) Version: 7.4
public enum StreamStatus
Member nameValueDescription
NoError0 No error. Stream is good.
MemoryAllocationError1 Encountered error allocating memory for the stream.
InvalidRNGType2 Invalid random number generator type/algorithm.
InvalidStream3 Stream argument is invalid.
FileCloseError4 Error closing file while storing or reading a stream to a file.
FileOpenError5 Error opening file while writing storing or reading to a file.
FileWriteError6 Error writing to the file while storing stream to a file.
FileReadError7 Error reading file while restoring stream from a file.
UnknownError8 All other errors.
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