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SparseMatrixFactTError Enumeration

Enumeration for specifying possible return values for errors.

Namespace: CenterSpace.NMath.Core
Assembly: NMath (in NMath.dll) Version: 7.4
public enum Error
Member nameValueDescription
NoError0 No error.
InputInconsistent1 Error in input to the pardiso solver.
NotEnoughMemory2 Insufficient memory for calculation.
ReorderingProblem3 Reordering problem.
ZeroPivot4 Zero pivot, numerical factorization or iterative refinement problem.
Unclassified5 Unclassified (internal) error.
PreorderingFailed6 Preordering failed (real or complex unsymmetric only).
DiagonalMatrixProblem7 Diagonal matrix problem.
OverFlowProblem32bit8 32-bit integer overflow problem.
NotEnoughMemoryForOOC9 Not enough memory for Out Of Core.
ProblemsOpeningOOCFiles10 Problems with opening Out Of Core temporary files.
ReadWriteProblemsOOCFiles11 Read/write problems with the Out Of Core data file.
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