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DoubleSWT Class

The stationary wavelet transform (SWT) is an advanced development of the discrete wavelet transfrom (DWT). The DWT lacks signal translation-invariance. By using an up and down sampling strategy, often refered to by its french name of "algorithme à trous", the SWT gains translation-invariance.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  CenterSpace.NMath.Core
Assembly:  NMath (in NMath.dll) Version: 7.4
public class DoubleSWT : DiscreteWaveletTransform, ICloneable

The DoubleSWT type exposes the following members.

Public methodDoubleSWT(DoubleSWT)
Creates a deep copy of this discrete wavelet transform object.
Public methodDoubleSWT(DoubleWavelet)
Creates a discrete stationary wavelet transform class using the given wavelet. Set the Signal property before decomposing the signal with the SWT.
Public methodDoubleSWT(Double, DoubleWavelet)
Creates a discrete stationary wavelet transform class using the given wavelet.
Public propertymode
The current wavelet signal edge management mode.
(Inherited from DiscreteWaveletTransform.)
Public propertySignal
Gets and Sets the signal data to be transformed.
Public propertyWavelet
The assigned wavelet.
Public methodClone
Returns a deep copy of this object.
Protected methodComputeThreshold
Finds a single threshold for a given thresholding method and decomposition level.
(Inherited from DiscreteWaveletTransform.)
Public methodCurrentDecompLevel
Provides the current maximum level to which this signal has been decomposed.
Public methodDecompLength
Provides the length of the DWT approximation and detail coefficient vectors.
(Inherited from DiscreteWaveletTransform.)
Public methodDecompose
Decompose the signal into approximation and details with the SWT.
Public methodMaximumDecompLevel
Provides the maximum number of DWT decompositions possible based on the signal and wavelet lengths.
Public methodReconstruct
A complete multi-level discrete wavelet reconstruction. A signal decomposition must be first completed.
Public methodWaveletCoefficients
Provides access to the details and approximation vectors. All details and approximation vectors are the same length with a SWT signal decomposition.
Protected fieldmode_
The current mode of signal edge management.
(Inherited from DiscreteWaveletTransform.)
Protected fieldwavelet_
The associated wavelet.
(Inherited from DiscreteWaveletTransform.)
See for more details: "The Discrete Wavelet Transform: Wedding the A Trous and Mallat Algorithms", by Mark J. Shensa
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