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NMathFunctionsFiveParameterLogisticFtn Class

Computes the 5-parameter logistic (5PL) function, using the given vector of function parameters, at the specified point.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CenterSpace.NMath.Core
Assembly: NMath (in NMath.dll) Version: 7.4
public class FiveParameterLogisticFtn : DoubleParameterizedFunction

The NMathFunctionsFiveParameterLogisticFtn type exposes the following members.

Public methodNMathFunctionsFiveParameterLogisticFtnInitializes a new instance of the NMathFunctionsFiveParameterLogisticFtn class
Public propertyCentralDifferenceDelta Gets and sets the delta used in the centeral difference method for approximating the gradient with respect to the parameters.
(Inherited from DoubleParameterizedFunction)
Public methodClone Returns a deep copy of the base. Deriving classes must override this method.
(Inherited from DoubleParameterizedFunction)
Public methodEvaluate(DoubleVector, Double) Evaluates the five parameter logistic function for the given parameter values at the given point.
(Overrides DoubleParameterizedFunctionEvaluate(DoubleVector, Double))
Public methodEvaluate(DoubleVector, DoubleVector, DoubleVector) Evaluates the parameterized function for the given parameter values at the given set of points.
(Inherited from DoubleParameterizedFunction)
Public methodGradientWithRespectToParams Method for calculating the gradient with respect to the parameters while keeping x fixed at the specified value.
(Overrides DoubleParameterizedFunctionGradientWithRespectToParams(DoubleVector, Double, DoubleVector))
5PL is an extension of 4PL with an additional parameter controlling the degree of asymmetry of the curve:
f(x) = p3 + (p0-p3)/(1 + (x/p2)^p1)^p4
, where p0 is the value at 0, p1 is the slope factor, p2 is the mid-range value, p3 is the value at infinity, and p4 is the asymmetry factor.
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