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SparseConstraintCoefficients Class

Class implementing the ILinearConstraintCoefficients for sparse linear constraint coefficients. Only the non-zero coefficients are stored.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CenterSpace.NMath.Core
Assembly: NMath (in NMath.dll) Version: 7.4
public class SparseConstraintCoefficients : ILinearConstraintCoefficients, 
	ICloneable, IEquatable<ILinearConstraintCoefficients>

The SparseConstraintCoefficients type exposes the following members.

Public methodSparseConstraintCoefficients Constructs an empty SparseConstraintCoefficients object.
Public methodSparseConstraintCoefficients(IDictionaryInt32, Double, Int32) Constructs a SparseConstraintCoefficients vector with the given length and non-zero values.
Public propertyItem Gets the coefficient value at the specified index. returns 0.0 on indices not listed in NonzeroIndices
Public propertyNumberNonzero Gets the number of non-zero coefficients.
Public propertyNumberOfCoefficients The total length of the coefficient vector represented by self. Note that this is not the number of non-zero coefficients, but the total number of coefficients.
Public methodAsDoubleVector Method to convert self to a dense vector.
Public methodClone Creates a deep copy of self.
Public methodDotProduct Function for forming the dot product of self with another vector.
Public methodEquals Determines if two SparseConstraintCoefficient objects are equal.
Public methodNonzeroIndices Enumerator over the indices of the non-zero coefficients.
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