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1-norm View page


absolute value View page, View page, View page, View page

abstract indexing View page

accessing underlying data View page, View page

ActiveSetLineSearchSQP View page

ActiveSetLineSearchSQP.Options View page

ActiveSetQPSolver View page

Adaptive Bridge View page

adjusted R2 View page, View page

ADO.NET View page

annealing View page

annealing history View page

annealing schedules View page, View page

custom View page

linear View page

annealing temperature View page

AnnealingHistory View page, View page

AnnealingHistory.Step View page

AnnealingMinimizer View page, View page, View page

AnnealingScheduleBase View page

Any CPU build configuration View page

appending to a vector View page

applying functions View page, View page, View page

argument of a complex number View page

arithmetic operators View page, View page, View page

arrays, converting to View page

ASP.NET web applications View page

Assemblies View page

asymptotic function View page


balancing View page

banded matrices View page

bandwidth View page, View page

Bessel functions View page

beta function View page

binary nonlinear programming View page, View page

binary serialization View page

binomial coefficient View page

block-splitting View page

Boole's rule View page

BoundedMultiVariableFunctionFitter View page

BoundedOneVariableFunctionFitter View page

Bracket View page, View page, View page

bracketing minima View page

Brent's Method View page

BrentMinimizer View page

Bridge View page

Bridge tuning View page

BridgeManager View page

Bunch-Kaufman factorization View page


calculus View page

charting View page


least squares View page

Cholesky factorization View page

clamped cubic spline View page


matrices View page

vectors View page

cloning View page, View page, View page

CLRConfigFile View page

coefficient of determination View page, View page

column sums View page

complex argument View page

complex conjugate View page

complex numbers View page

absolute value function View page

accessing values View page

argument function View page

comparing View page, View page, View page

conjugate function View page

creating View page

creating from polar coordinates View page

creating from strings View page

modifying View page

norm function View page

trigonometric functions View page

component matrices View page

compressed row format View page

condition numbers View page, View page

conjugate gradient method View page

conjugate of a complex number View page

ConjugateGradientMinimizer View page

constrained least squares View page

ConstraintType View page

convolution View page, View page, View page

copying matrices View page, View page

copying vectors View page

creating matrices View page

cross product View page

cubic spline interpolation View page

CUDA View page, View page

curve fitting View page, View page

CustomAnnealingSchedule View page


data block classes View page

data blocks View page

accessing View page, View page

properties View page

database integration View page

DataTables View page

data-view pattern View page

DBrentMinimizer View page

decomposition servers View page, View page

decompositions View page

deployment View page

determinants View page, View page

differential equations View page

differentiating polynomials View page

digamma function View page

DIgital Smoothing POlynomial View page

discrete wavelet transform View page

DISPO View page

Dormand-Prince method View page

dot product View page

DoubleBandFact View page

DoubleBandMatrix View page

DoubleBisquareWeightingFunction View page

DoubleCholeskyLeastSq View page

DoubleComplex View page

DoubleComplexBandFact View page

DoubleComplexBandMatrix View page

DoubleComplexCholeskyLeastSq View page

DoubleComplexDataBlock View page

DoubleComplexEigDecomp View page

DoubleComplexEigDecompServer View page

DoubleComplexLeastSquares View page

DoubleComplexLowerTriMatrix View page

DoubleComplexLUFact View page

DoubleComplexMatrix View page

DoubleComplexQRDecomp View page

DoubleComplexQRDecompServer View page

DoubleComplexQRLeastSq View page

DoubleComplexSVDecomp View page

DoubleComplexSVDecompServer View page

DoubleComplexSVDLeastSq View page

DoubleComplexTriDiagFact View page

DoubleComplexTriDiagMatrix View page

DoubleComplexUpperTriMatrix View page

DoubleComplexVector View page

DoubleCOWeightedLeastSq View page

DoubleDataBlock View page

DoubleDWT View page

DoubleEigDecomp View page

DoubleEigDecompServer View page

DoubleFairWeightingFunction View page

DoubleFunctional View page

DoubleFunctionalDelegate View page

DoubleHermitianBandMatrix View page

DoubleHermitianEigDecomp View page

DoubleHermitianEigDecompServer View page

DoubleHermitianFact View page

DoubleHermitianMatrix View page

DoubleHermitianPDBandFact View page

DoubleHermitianPDFact View page

DoubleHermPDTriDiagFact View page

DoubleIterativelyReweightedLeastSq View page

DoubleLeastSquares View page

DoubleLeastSqWeightingFunction View page

DoubleLowerTriMatrix View page

DoubleLUFact View page

DoubleMatrix View page

DoubleMultiVariableFunction View page

DoubleNonnegativeLeastSquares View page, View page

DoubleParameterizedDelegate View page

DoubleParameterizedFunction View page

DoubleParameterizedFunctional View page

DoubleQRDecomp View page

DoubleQRDecompServer View page

DoubleQRLeastSq View page

DoubleRandomBetaDistribution View page

DoubleRandomCauchyDistribution View page

DoubleRandomExponentialDistribution View page

DoubleRandomGammaDistribution View page

DoubleRandomGaussianDistribution View page

DoubleRandomGumbelDistribution View page

DoubleRandomLaplaceDistribution View page

DoubleRandomLogNormalDistribution View page

DoubleRandomRayleighDistribution View page

DoubleRandomUniformDistribution View page

DoubleRandomWeibullDistribution View page

DoubleSVDecomp View page

DoubleSVDecompServer View page

DoubleSVDLeastSq View page

DoubleSymBandMatrix View page

DoubleSymEigDecomp View page

DoubleSymEigDecompServer View page

DoubleSymFact View page

DoubleSymmetricMatrix View page

DoubleSymPDBandFact View page

DoubleSymPDFact View page

DoubleSymPDTriDiagFact View page

DoubleTriDiagFact View page

DoubleTriDiagMatrix View page

DoubleUpperTriMatrix View page

DoubleVector View page

DoubleVectorParameterizedDelegate View page

DoubleWavelet View page

downhill simplex method View page

DownhillSimplexMinimizer View page

DualSimplexSolver View page, View page

DualSimplexSolverParams View page

DWT View page


effective rank View page

eigenvalue classes View page

eigenvalue servers View page, View page

eigenvalue tolerance View page

eigenvalues View page, View page

eigenvectors View page

elliptic functions View page

elliptic integrals View page

encapsulating functions View page

enumeration View page, View page

equality operators View page, View page, View page

error tolerance View page

Euler gamma View page

Euler-Macheroni constant View page

evaluating functions View page, View page

evaluating polynomials View page

exception classes View page

exponential function View page

exponential integral View page

exponentially weighted moving aver­age (EWMA) View page, View page


factorial View page

factorization View page, View page, View page

factorization classes View page, View page

factorizations View page, View page, View page

creating View page, View page

using View page, View page

Fast Fourier Transforms View page

FFT View page, View page

FFTKernelException View page

filtering View page, View page

finding roots View page

FirstOrderInitialValueProblem View page

FloatBandFact View page

FloatBandMatrix View page

FloatCholeskyLeastSq View page

FloatComplex View page

FloatComplexBandFact View page

FloatComplexBandMatrix View page

FloatComplexCholeskyLeastSq View page

FloatComplexDataBlock View page

FloatComplexEigDecomp View page

FloatComplexEigDecompServer View page

FloatComplexLeastSquares View page

FloatComplexLowerTriMatrix View page

FloatComplexLUFact View page

FloatComplexMatrix View page, View page

FloatComplexQRDecomp View page

FloatComplexQRDecompServer View page

FloatComplexQRLeastSq View page

FloatComplexSVDecomp View page

FloatComplexSVDecompServer View page

FloatComplexSVDLeastSq View page

FloatComplexTriDiagFact View page

FloatComplexTriDiagMatrix View page

FloatComplexUpperTriMatrix View page

FloatComplexVector View page

FloatDataBlock View page

FloatDWT View page

FloatEigDecomp View page

FloatEigDecompServer View page

FloatHermitianBandMatrix View page

FloatHermitianEigDecomp View page

FloatHermitianEigDecompServer View page

FloatHermitianFact View page

FloatHermitianMatrix View page

FloatHermitianPDBandFact View page

FloatHermitianPDFact View page

FloatHermPDTriDiagFact View page

FloatLeastSquares View page

FloatLowerTriMatrix View page

FloatLUFact View page

FloatMatrix View page

FloatNonnegativeLeastSquares View page, View page

FloatQRDecomp View page

FloatQRDecompServer View page

FloatQRLeastSq View page

FloatRandomBetaDistribution View page

FloatRandomExponentialDistribution View page

FloatRandomGammaDistribution View page

FloatRandomGaussianDistribution View page

FloatRandomGumbelDistribution View page

FloatRandomLaplaceDistribution View page

FloatRandomLogNormalDistribution View page

FloatRandomRayleighDistribution View page

FloatRandomUniformDistribution View page

FloatRandomWeibullDistribution View page

FloatSVDecomp View page

FloatSVDecompServer View page

FloatSVDLeastSq View page

FloatSymBandMatrix View page

FloatSymEigDecomp View page

FloatSymEigDecompServer View page

FloatSymFact View page

FloatSymmetricMatrix View page

FloatSymPDBandFact View page

FloatSymPDFact View page

FloatSymPDTriDiagFact View page

FloatTriDiagFact View page

FloatTriDiagMatrix View page

FloatUpperTriMatrix View page

FloatVector View page

FloatWavelet View page

Frobenius norm View page

function encapsulation View page

function evaluation View page, View page

function interpolation View page

functions of one variable View page

FZero View page

fzero View page


GAC View page, View page

gamma function View page

Gauss-Kronrod integration View page, View page

GaussKronrodIntegrator View page, View page, View page, View page

gcAllowVeryLargeObjects View page

general sparse matrix View page, View page

general sparse matrix factorizations View page

generalized multivariable functions View page

generalized one variable functions View page

generating random numbers View page

generic functions View page, View page, View page

global assembly cache View page, View page

global minimum View page

golden section search View page

GoldenMinimizer View page

goodness of fit View page, View page

GPU acceleration View page, View page

GPU logging View page

GPU tuning View page

GpuConfigurationException View page

graphing View page


half bandwidth View page, View page, View page, View page

harmonic number View page

Hermitian banded matrices View page

Hermitian matrices View page

high-pass decimation filter View page

high-pass reconstruction filter View page

Histogram View page


adding data View page

creating View page

displaying View page

stem-leaf diagrams View page

hypergeometric functions View page


IBoundedNonlinearLeastSqMinimizer View page, View page, View page

IComputeDevice View page

IDifferentiator View page

IDoubleLeastSqWeightingFunction View page

IIntegrator View page, View page, View page

implicit conversion View page

matrices View page

vectors View page

IMultiVariableDMinimizer View page, View page

IMultiVariableMinimizer View page, View page

incomplete beta function View page

incomplete gamma integral View page

independent streams View page

indexers View page, View page, View page

indexing objects View page

IndexOutOfRangeException View page

infinity-norm View page, View page

inner product View page

inner product of matrices View page

INonlinearLeastSqMinimizer View page, View page, View page

integer nonlinear programming View page, View page

integration View page

integration of polynomials View page

Intel Math Kernel Library View page, View page, View page

intercept parameter View page, View page

InteriorPointQPSolver View page, View page

interpolation View page

IntRandomBernoulliDistribution View page

IntRandomBinomialDistribution View page

IntRandomGeometricDistribution View page

IntRandomHypergeometricDistribution View page

IntRandomNegativeBinomialDistribution View page

IntRandomPoissonDistribution View page

IntRandomPoissonVaryingMeanDistribution View page

IntRandomUniformBitsDistribution View page

IntRandomUniformDistribution View page

InvalidArgumentException View page

InvalidBinBdryException View page

inverse View page, View page, View page

IOneVariableDMinimizer View page, View page

IOneVariableDRootFinder View page, View page

IOneVariableMinimizer View page, View page

IOneVariableRootFinder View page

IRandomNumberDistribution View page

ISerializable interface View page

iteratively reweighted least squares View page


KernelLoadException View page


large objects View page

leapfrog method View page

LeapfrogRandomStreams View page

least squares

Cholesky View page

QR decomposition View page

solving View page

SVD View page

least squares solutions View page, View page

left singular vectors View page

Levenberg-Marquardt method View page, View page, View page

LevenbergMarquardtMinimizer View page, View page

libiomp.dll View page

license key View page

linear bound constraints View page

linear constraints View page, View page

linear interpolation View page

linear programming View page

linear spline interpolation View page

LinearAnnealingSchedule View page

LinearConstraint View page

LinearContraint View page

LinearProgrammingProblem View page

local minima View page

log file View page

logistic function View page

lower bandwidth View page, View page, View page

lower triangular matrices View page

lower triangular matrix View page, View page

low-pass decimation filter View page

low-pass reconstruction filter View page

LP problems View page

LU factorization View page, View page, View page, View page, View page


manipulating functions View page


arithmetic operations View page, View page, View page, View page

clearing View page

copying View page

creating from ADO.NET objects View page, View page

creating from numeric values View page

creating from strings View page

equality testing View page, View page, View page, View page

functions View page, View page, View page, View page

implicit conversion View page

modifying values View page, View page, View page, View page

properties View page

resizing View page, View page


decompositions View page

factorization View page, View page, View page

functions View page

norms View page

properties View page

shape parameters View page

transposition View page, View page, View page

types View page

matrix classes View page

matrix indexers View page

matrix norm View page

matrix transposition View page

matrix views View page

MatrixFunctions View page

MatrixNotSquareException View page

maximum iterations View page

mean View page, View page

median View page, View page

Mersenne Twister algorithm View page

Microsoft Chart Controls for .NET View page

Microsoft Solver Foundation View page, View page

min/max functions

vectors View page, View page

minimization View page, View page

MinimizerBase View page, View page

MismatchedSizeException View page

MixedIntegerLinearProgrammingProblem View page, View page, View page

MixedIntegerNonlinearProgrammingProblem View page

MKL View page, View page, View page

Modified Bessel functions View page

moving average View page

MovingWindowFilter View page

MultiVariableFunction View page, View page, View page, View page

MultiVariableFunctionFitter View page

multivariate functions View page


natural cubic spline View page

Newton-Cotes formulas View page

NewtonRalphsonRootFinder View page

Newton-Raphson Method View page

NiederreiterQuasiRandomGenerator View page

NMath Premium View page, View page

NMath Premium assemblies View page

NMath.dll View page

NMathChart View page

NMathConfiguration View page

NMathException View page

NMathFormatException View page

NMathKernelx64.dll View page, View page

NMathKernelx86.dll View page, View page

nonlinear least squares View page

Nonlinear Programming (NLP) View page, View page

NonlinearConstraint View page

NonlinearProgrammingProblem View page

nonnegative least squares View page, View page

nonnegative least squares solutions View page

norm of a complex number View page

norms View page

numerical integration View page

numerical rank View page

NVIDIA View page, View page


objective function View page

OMP threading library View page

one-norm View page

OneVariableFunction View page, View page

OneVariableFunctionFitter View page

operators View page, View page, View page

optimization View page, View page

order View page, View page

ordinary differential equations View page

outer product View page


parabolic interpolation View page

peak finding View page, View page

PeakFinderRuleBased View page, View page

PeakFinderSavitzkyGolay View page, View page

permutation matrices View page, View page

permutation matrix View page, View page

phase View page

pivot indices View page

pivoting View page, View page

plotting View page

pointers to underlying data View page, View page

polar coordinates View page, View page

polylogarithm View page

Polynomial View page, View page

PolynomialLeastSquares View page, View page

polynomials View page

Position enumeration View page

positive definite matrices View page, View page

Powell's Method View page

PowellMinimizer View page

predicted values View page

PrimalSimplexSolver View page, View page

PrimalSimplexSolverParam View page

product of matrices View page

pseudoinverse View page


QR decomposition View page

classes View page

least squares View page

servers View page

Quadratic Programming (QP) View page, View page

QuadraticProgrammingProblem View page

quadrature View page

quasi-Newton method View page

quasirandom numbers View page


R2 View page, View page

RandGenBeta View page

RandGenBinomial View page

RandGenExponential View page

RandGenGamma View page

RandGenGeometric View page

RandGenJohnson View page

RandGenLogNormal View page

RandGenMTwist View page

RandGenNormal View page

RandGenPareto View page

RandGenPoisson View page

RandGenUniform View page

RandGenWeibull View page

random number generators View page, View page, View page

scalar View page

vectorized View page

random seeds View page

RandomNumberGenerator View page, View page

RandomNumbers View page

RandomNumberStream View page, View page

Range View page

ranges View page, View page

rank View page

references View page

replicating a matrix View page

RepMat() functions View page

residual standard error View page, View page

residual sum of squares View page

residual vector View page

residuals View page, View page


matrices View page

vectors View page

resizing matrices View page

reversing a vector View page

Ridders' Method View page

RiddersDifferentiator View page, View page

RiddersRootFinder View page

Riemann zeta function View page

right singular vectors View page

Romberg integration View page

RombergIntegrator View page, View page, View page

RootFinderBase View page

root-finding View page

rounding functions View page, View page

Rule-based peak finding View page

Runge-Kutta method View page

RungeKutta45OdeSolver View page

RungeKutta5OdeSolver View page

RungeKuttaSolver View page, View page


Savitzky-Golay View page

SavitzkyGolayFilter View page, View page

secant method View page

SecantRootFinder View page

seeds for random number generators View page

SequentialQuadraticProgrammingSolver View page

serialization View page

signal processing View page

Simpson's rule View page

simulated annealing View page

sine function View page

singular value decomposition View page, View page

classes View page

servers View page

singular values View page

singular vectors View page

SingularMatrixException View page

skip-ahead View page

SkipAheadRandomStreams View page

Slice View page

slices View page, View page

smooth splines View page

SmoothCubicSpline View page

SOAP serialization View page

SobolQuasiRandomGenerator View page

solutions of linear systems View page, View page, View page, View page, View page, View page, View page

solver parameters View page

solving for right-hand sides View page, View page

sorting functions View page, View page

sparse vector View page

SparseMatrixBuilder View page

special functions View page, View page, View page

spline interpolation View page

square root View page, View page

stiff differential equations View page

stiff equations View page

Stochastic Hill Climbing algorithm View page

StochasticHillClimbingSolver View page

structured sparse matrices View page

sum of squares View page, View page

surface fitting View page, View page

SVD View page

convergence View page

least squares View page

symmetric banded matrices View page

symmetric matrices View page


tabulated functions View page

TabulatedFunction View page

tiling a matrix View page

transcendental functions View page, View page, View page

transpose product View page, View page

transposing matrices View page, View page, View page, View page

trapezoidal rule View page

triangular matrices View page, View page

tridiagonal matrices View page

trigonometric functions View page, View page, View page, View page

Trust-Region method View page, View page, View page, View page

TrustRegionMinimizer View page, View page

TwoVariableIntegrator View page, View page

typographic conventions View page


upper bandwidth View page, View page, View page

upper triangular matrices View page

upper triangular matrix View page, View page


variable bounds View page

variable metric method View page

VariableMetricMinimizer View page

VariableOrderOdeSolver View page, View page

variance View page, View page

vector classes View page

vector indexers View page

vector views View page, View page


arithmetic operations View page

clearing View page

copying View page

creating from ADO.NET objects View page, View page

creating from numeric values View page

creating from strings View page

equality testing View page

functions View page

implicit conversion View page

modifying values View page

properties View page

resizing View page

visualization View page


wavelet View page

wavelet threshold calculation View page

wavelet thresholding View page

Wavelet.Wavelets View page

web applications View page

web projects View page

weighted least squares View page

weighting functions View page, View page


XML serialization View page