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14.4 Rule-Based Peak Finding (.NET, C#, CSharp, VB, Visual Basic, F#)

Class PeakFinderRuleBased finds peaks subject to rules about peak height and 
peak separation. A peak is defined as a point which is higher that both neighbors 
or infinity. Non-infinite end points are excluded as a peak. This class is analogous 
to MATLAB's findpeaks() function.

Creating Rule-Based Peak Finders

A PeakFinderRuleBased instance is constructed from a vector of data.

Code Example – C# rule-based peak finding

var x = new DoubleVector(5000, 0.01, 0.1);
DoubleVector data = NMathFunctions.Sin(x) / x;
var pf = new PeakFinderRuleBased( data );

Code Example – VB rule-based peak finding

Dim X As New DoubleVector(5000, 0.01, 0.1)
Dim Data As DoubleVector = NMathFunctions.Sin(X) / X
Dim PF As New PeakFinderRuleBased(Data)

Adding Rules

Peak finding rule types are specified with the PeakFinderRuleBased.Rules enumeration.


Removes peaks that have an amplitude less than a specified amount.


Find peaks that are at least a specified amount higher than their neighbor­ing samples.

Rules are added using the AddRule() method, and removed using RemoveRule(). Only one rule of each type is allowed. After updating the rule list, call either LocatePeaks() or LocatePeakIndices() to update the peak inventory.

For example, this rule finds all peaks with an amplitude greater than 1.5.

Code Example – C# rule-based peak finding

pf.AddRule( PeakFinderRuleBased.Rules.MinHeight, 1.5 );

Code Example – VB rule-based peak finding

PF.AddRule( PeakFinderRuleBased.Rules.MinHeight, 1.5 );

If a Rules.MinHeight rule was already specified, it is removed before adding the new rule.

Rule-Based Peak Finder Results

The provided indexer on PeakFinderRuleBased gets each peak as an instance of struct Extrema. Property NumberPeaks gets the total number of peaks found. For example, this code dump all peaks to the console:

Code Example – C# peak finding

for (int i = 0; i < pf.NumberPeaks; i++)
  Extrema peak = pf[i];
  Console.WriteLine("Found peak at = ({0},{1})", peak.X, peak.Y);

Code Example – VB peak finding

For I As Integer = 0 To PF.NumberPeaks - 1
  Dim Peak As Extrema = PF(I)
  Console.WriteLine("Found peak at = ({0},{1})", Peak.X, Peak.Y)