NMath User's Guide

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Chapter 31. Fitting Polynomials (.NET, C#, CSharp, VB, Visual Basic, F#)

As described in Chapter 8, the CenterSpace.NMath.Core namespace includes classes for calculating least squares fits of linear functions to a set of points. In addition, the class PolynomialLeastSquares, performs a least squares fit of a Polynomial to a set of points.

This chapter describes how to use class PolynomialLeastSquares.

NOTE—For testing the goodness of fit of PolynomialLeastSquares fits, see class Goodnes­sOfFit. Available statistics include the residual standard error, the coefficient of determination (R2 and "adjusted" R2), the F-statistic for the overall model with its numerator and denominator degrees of freedom, and standard errors, t-statistics, and finally corresponding (two-sided) p-values for the model parameters.