NMath User's Guide

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1.5 NMath License Key (.NET, C#, CSharp, VB, Visual Basic, F#)

NMath license information is stored in a license key which must be found at runtime. The license key governs the properties of your NMath installation.

Evaluation License

If no license key is found, a default evaluation license key is used which provides a free 30-day evaluation period for NMath on the current machine.

Product License

When you purchase one or more developer seats of NMath, you will be issued a license key describing the terms of your license. To enter your license key:

1. Open CenterSpace Software | License NMath from your Start menu.

2. Enter your name, email, and license key, and click OK.

The license key will be written to the registry.

You can also specify your license key using various other mechanisms: by environment variable, by configuration app setting, and programmatically. These mechanisms may be preferable in group development environments, and at deployment. (See Section 1.6 for more information.)