NMath configuration

Building ASP.NET web applications with NMath

NMath can be used to create ASP.NET web applications, just like any other .NET application. However, there are a few additional considerations for building and deploying ASP.NET applications. Referencing NMath To use NMath types in your application, add a reference to NMath.dll, just as you would with other types of .NET applications. If you are using web projects in Visual Studio, you can simpl...
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NMath Configuration

Beginning with the release of NMath 5.2 and NMath Stats 3.5, NMath includes a new configuration system for controlling the loading of the NMath license key, kernel assembly, and native library. Based on customer feedback, we've designed this system to provide greater flexibility and security at deployment, and greater convenience in group development environments. We've also added optional logging...
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