VB math library

NMath Tutorial videos

We are proud to announce a series of NMath tutorial videos on how to use CenterSpace's math library products. We are starting, naturally, with Getting Started with NMath. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DczJpmyE10 You can download it here: MP4 Please let us know which topics you want us to cover. Email support@centerspace.net Cheers, Trevor
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New Versions of NMath Libraries Released

CenterSpace is proud to announce the immediate availability of new versions of our .NET math libraries, NMath 5.2 and NMath Stats 3.5. This release adds many new features and performance enhancements. Changes for version 5.2 of NMath include: Upgraded to Intel MKL 10.3 Update 11 with resulting performance increases. Added class NMathConfiguration for controlling the loading of the NMath lice...
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NMath Configuration

Beginning with the release of NMath 5.2 and NMath Stats 3.5, NMath includes a new configuration system for controlling the loading of the NMath license key, kernel assembly, and native library. Based on customer feedback, we've designed this system to provide greater flexibility and security at deployment, and greater convenience in group development environments. We've also added optional logging...
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