Getting Started with NMath

We are often asked how to get started with using NMath. This has gotten much simpler over the years. Here's the quickest way to get going... Install Visual Studio Code. Create a folder.Run VS Code then open the folder with File|Open Folder....View|Terminal to bring up a command-line.In the terminal window, type dotnet new console to create a new project. You'll see it creates a .csproj file an...
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NMath and X86

NMath customers are overwhelmingly developing with 64-bit packages, therefore CenterSpace has decided to drop support for 32-bit operating systems with the release of NMath 7.2. However, we will continue to support x86 versions of NMath for the foreseeable future and their packages will continue to be available from nuget. Release of NMath 7.2 NMath version 7.2 has been released and includ...
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Updated NMath API for LP and MIP related classes

The Linear Programming (LP) and Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) classes in NMath are currently built upon the Microsoft Solver Foundation (MSF) library. However development and maintenance of the library was stopped in January 2017 with the final release of 3.1.0. With the release of NMath 7.2 the LP and MIP solver classes will be built on the Google OR-Tools library (GORT). With this change t...
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Chromatographic and Spectographic Data Analysis

Data showing data peaks found
Chromatographic and spectographic data analysis is a common application of the NMath class library and usually involves some or all of the following computing activities: Noise removalBaseline adjustmentPeak findingPeak modeling Peak statistical analysis In this blog article we will discuss each of these activities and provide some NMath C# code on how they may be accomplished. This is big...
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Fitting the Weibull Distribution

The Weibull distribution is widely used in reliability analysis, hazard analysis, for modeling part failure rates and in many other applications. The NMath library currently includes 19 probably distributions and has recently added a fitting function to the Weibull distribution class at the request of a customer. The Weibull probability distribution, over the random variable x, has two para...
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