Building ASP.NET web applications with NMath

NMath can be used to create ASP.NET web applications, just like any other .NET application. However, there are a few additional considerations for building and deploying ASP.NET applications. Referencing NMath To use NMath types in your application, add a reference to NMath.dll, just as you would with other types of .NET applications. If you are using web projects in Visual Studio, you can simpl...
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Using Excel with NMath

We've had several customers ask about porting their Excel model to a .NET language in order to leverage the performance and functionality of NMath or NMath Stats. NMath does have good crossover functionality with Excel making this porting job easier. It is also possible to accelerate your Excel models by calling the NMath .NET assemblies directly from a VBA macro in Excel . This post provides some...
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Platform configurations x86, x64

NMath 4.0 Due to the increasing prevalence of 64bit operating systems, NMath 4.0 has been re-architected to generate executables that can run on 32-bit or 64-bit platforms with one build. When building simple choose the 'Any CPU' configuration, and the resulting application can be redistributed on both 64-bit or 32-bit platforms with no changes. NMath Versions Prior to 4.0 An NMath appli...
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