"Well done on a brilliant tool kit!"
Toyin Akin, Cape Tools

"I've been developing numerical scientific software for fifteen years. I typically write custom-tailored numerical codes, and I've regularly used IMSL, ESSL, Numerical Recipes and Matlab. The development environment of NMath with C# is by far the most elegant, flexible, and amenable to reuse that I've ever encountered. The more I worry about good object-oriented design, the more I like NMath. It is my preferred platform for day-to-day numerical work."
John Lee, Washington University School of Medicine

"I spent a year looking for a stats package that was native .NET as well as robust. After looking at dozens of websites and trying a half dozen demos, I bought the full NMath package–and it's great! I use it to analyze fixed income portfolios, where time is of the essence–and it's very fast. It couldn't be easier to integrate into my C# applications."
Eric Carlino, Ronin Capital

To answer your question whether I had success in utilizing the NMath libraries in my software development work, my answer is a resounding "YES". Your libraries have significantly helped me cut down my development time and I would like to extend a great big thank you to your development team for a truly outstanding job in developing these libraries. Your product is truly exceptionally outstanding and rightfully deserves all the appropriate accolades.
Waldemar Dos Passos, PhD, author of Numerical Methods, Algorithms and Tools in C#

"Your service is top notch and greatly appreciated. There aren't many vendors like your shop around nowadays–your support is what will keep us current on maintenance for sure."
Robert Maxwell, Triton Systems

"In building a simulator to test options for complex Catchment-to-Coast natural resource management, the main drawbacks of .NET are its limited numerical functionality and lack of efficient processing for number crunching. This is where NMath comes in. We have spent almost 20 years developing numerical methods libraries (mainly applied math, and statistics) for a range of functionalities, from multivariate regression and optimisation to complex autoregressive modelling and experimental design. While NMath does not cover all our needs, where it does it is significantly faster than our own code. It's also better structured. Since we've been using NMath, we've been exploring its functionalities such as PCA (principal component analysis) and clustering and plan to replace our own math library with NMath wherever appropriate and feasible. In conclusion, NMath is a very functional piece in our puzzle."
A/Prof Francis Pantus, ARI Griffith University, Australia

"What I did notice though, is the difference the new version makes on a multi-core machine!! I managed to get time to update our projects to work with the new NMath libraries. One of our existing processes, which iterates over the same process 1000-odd times cut down from 1hr 10mins to approx. 25 minutes–it flattened all 4 cores on the machine!! Loved it.
Eddie Owen, NeuronWorks

"Thank you very much for your lightning fast support!"
Abdelali Zahi, Allianz

"The team at CenterSpace Software have undoubtedly the cleanest, easiest to use .NET math/stats/analysis library out there! Not surprising, since they wrote one of the definitive C# programming style books. Our own customers are not technology or math oriented, so we needed a fast, clean .NET library on the backend to make the UI as friendly and flexible as possible. And the tech support from CenterSpace Software is great (Oregon accents are easy to understand!); highly recommended."
Joe Hendricks, SoftwareRunners

"Our requirements were quite unusual—we needed a powerful data analysis library that could work equally well on both of our desktop and embedded platforms. There was no off-the shelf product that could do it. The CenterSpace team offered to create a custom NMath solution for us that we could use in our specific environment. And they did it. I was extremely impressed by the product's power and flexibility and the intuitive design of the libraries. Most importantly, the commitment and the support of the NMath team helped us design a unique product that has not been offered so far in our industry. "
Ivan Ivanov, Software Development Lead, Turner BioSystems, Inc.

"I use the NMath Suite daily in my quantitative research efforts, which involve analyzing massive amounts of financial data for thousands of securities. The integration with C# and the .NET framework is superb, and the toolkit enables me to focus more of my time generating insights and writing domain-specific algorithms at a higher level, and less time thinking about how the underlying libraries harness the power of the hardware beneath my desk. It also gives me great confidence to know that the Centerspace team is constantly pushing the envelope with respect to improving the product, and can be reached easily any time I have a question."
Michael R. Dowd, CFA, Martingale Asset Management

"I just did a test for solving a set of 750 equations and NMath was 35 times faster than Math.NET – very impressive on the large matrices."
Dr. Andrew Sleigh, University of Leeds

"Thanks a lot for excellent, rapid, and very good help and support."
Edvin Brudevoll, Statoil

"We are very happy with NMath! It is already an integral and indispensible part of our work."
Andrew Smellie, CambridgeSoft

"If performance, documentation, and reliable technical support are important to you, then NMath is what you need.  In our application, we parallelize the solution of large, sparse Ax=b systems.  Using NMath, we saw significant performance gains over Math.NET.  Additionally, NMath has a very large set of classes that suit our needs in other numerical aspects as well.  We are very extremely pleased with the performance of NMath and highly recommend it to others.  This library is a must have."
Fabian M. Uriarte, Center for Electromechanics, The University of Texas at Austin

"I’m still enjoying the straightforward way of C# and NMath to solve numerical problems in my research work about flow simulations in gas grids. The software development process is much faster than in the widely-used C++ language. Therefore, I have to thank you for providing such a great library!"
Andreas Esser

"I scoured the web for a way to compute bound and constrained linear least squares in C# for a very specific project, and had no luck until I discovered CenterSpace. They quickly integrated this functionality into their NMath product, and it works as advertised for a very reasonable price. I undoubtedly spent more in efforts to utilize open source libraries that I would have had I went straight to using NMath. The library is a well-formed object oriented API which made it easy to use compared to other math libraries I found, and therefore I was able to get up and running quickly. As for the support I received, I could not have asked for a better experience; they quickly troubleshot and fixed the one issue I had."
Erik Lee, PE, Avista Utilities