The Elements of C# Style

Book Elements Of CSharp Style

As commercial developers of software components, we always strive to have good, consistent style throughout our code. Since source code is optionally included in our products, NMath users often study our code to learn not just how the components work, but also how to write good software.

Based on our experience writing NMath, we wrote a book, The Elements of C# Style (Cambridge University Press, 2006), for anyone writing C# code, but especially for programmers who are writing C# as part of a team. For a team to be effective, everyone must be able to read and understand everyone else’s code. Having consistent style conventions is a good step!
Just as Strunk and White’s classic The Elements of Style provides rules of usage for writing in the English language, this text furnishes a set of rules for writing in C#. We offer a collection of standards and guidelines for creating solid C# code that will be easy to understand, enhance, and maintain.
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