Announcing NMath 6.2 and NMath Stats 4.2

We're pleased to announce new versions of the NMath libraries - NMath 6.2 and NMath Stats 4.2. Added functionality includes: Upgraded to Intel MKL 11.3 Update 2 with resulting performance increases. Updated NMath Premium GPU code to CUDA 7.5. Added classes for performing Discrete Wavelet Transforms (DWTs) using most common wavelet families, including Harr, Daubechies, Symlet, Best Local...
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New Version of NMath Available

We have a great new version of the CenterSpace products available. With this release, we are announcing a lot of great new functionality, as well as some packaging changes. NMath Core, NMath Matrix and NMath Analysis have been merged into one product -- NMath. This will simplify inter-library dependencies. For backward compatibility, the namespaces will be unchanged.
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