NMath Charts in WPF

The NMathChart adapter class makes it easy to generate visualizations of NMath data in as little as one line of code.  The Chart class that is created is a Windows Forms control, but this control can be included in a Windows Presentation Foundation application by using the WindowsFormsHost element. To do so: Add references to these namespaces: System.Windows.Forms Sys...
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Building ASP.NET web applications with NMath

NMath can be used to create ASP.NET web applications, just like any other .NET application. However, there are a few additional considerations for building and deploying ASP.NET applications. Referencing NMath To use NMath types in your application, add a reference to NMath.dll, just as you would with other types of .NET applications. If you are using web projects in Visual Studio, you can simpl...
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Large matrices and vectors

Customers frequently ask us the size of the largest matrix they can instantiate. With recent developments at Microsoft the maximum object size now significantly depends on your OS (x86 or x64) and the version of .NET your application is referencing. With .NET 4.5 huge matrices can be created that far exceed the current 2GByte limit. Pre .NET 4.5 Until 2012 all Microsoft 32-bit .NET process...
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NMath API updated with .NET Func<> delegates

At CenterSpace we are always working hard to keep the core NMath processing kernel start of the art, however changes to our libraries' API usually lag behind any .NET framework developments in a process of deprecation and introduction. The .NET Func<> and Action<> delegates have been a part of the .NET framework now since .NET 3.5 and VS2008. Therefore, we are now deprecating all of ...
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NMath and Silverlight

From time to time, we’re asked about the best way to use NMath to build Silverlight applications. Unfortunately, like so many answers in software development, the answer is: it depends. Silverlight is a great way to build line of business applications, but at its core, Silverlight runs within a sandboxed environment, typically within a browser, and usually within a networked intranet or Interne...
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