NMath is Adding .NET Core Support and has Dropped Support of OSX and Linux86

Changes to Supported Operating Systems

With the release of NMath, on March 10, 2018, NMath no longer supports OSX or the Linux x86 operating systems. We are dropping the support of these operating systems due to a decline of demand by our customers. Please contact us with any concerns regarding this change. This release is currently available on NuGet.

Going forward NMath and NMath Premium will naturally continue to support both the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Linux.

Adding .NET Standard and .NET Core Support

By the end of 2018, NMath will support both the .NET Core and .NET Standard. Supporting both of these .NET standards have been increasingly requested by our customers. If you are unfamiliar with these newest additions to the .NET world, the following briefly defines them.

  • .NET Core: This is the latest .NET implementation. It’s open source and available for multiple OSes. With .NET Core, you can build cross-platform console apps and ASP.NET Core Web applications and cloud services.
  • .NET Standard: This is the set of fundamental APIs (commonly referred to as base class library or BCL) that all .NET implementations must implement. By targeting .NET Standard, you can build libraries that you can share across all your .NET apps, no matter on which .NET implementation or OS they run.

For further reading on these .NET standards see this MSDN magazine article for an introduction.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in the comments below or via email with any questions regarding these changes to the CenterSpace .NET NMath library.

2 thoughts on “NMath is Adding .NET Core Support and has Dropped Support of OSX and Linux86

  1. Great to hear! Would be good to know as soon as you have any indication of timeframes as we are looking to move some workloads to .net core very shortly

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