NMath Stats

Setting the NMath License Key

NMath license information is stored in a license key which must be found at runtime. When you purchase one or more developer seats of NMath, you will be issued a license key describing the terms of your license. If no license key is found at runtime, a default evaluation license key is used which provides a free 30-day evaluation period for NMath on the current machine. Three mechanisms are supp...
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New Versions of NMath Libraries Released

CenterSpace is proud to announce the immediate availability of new versions of our .NET math libraries, NMath 5.2 and NMath Stats 3.5. This release adds many new features and performance enhancements. Changes for version 5.2 of NMath include: Upgraded to Intel MKL 10.3 Update 11 with resulting performance increases. Added class NMathConfiguration for controlling the loading of the NMath lice...
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NMath Configuration

Beginning with the release of NMath 5.2 and NMath Stats 3.5, NMath includes a new configuration system for controlling the loading of the NMath license key, kernel assembly, and native library. Based on customer feedback, we've designed this system to provide greater flexibility and security at deployment, and greater convenience in group development environments. We've also added optional logging...
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NMath API updated with .NET Func<> delegates

At CenterSpace we are always working hard to keep the core NMath processing kernel start of the art, however changes to our libraries' API usually lag behind any .NET framework developments in a process of deprecation and introduction. The .NET Func<> and Action<> delegates have been a part of the .NET framework now since .NET 3.5 and VS2008. Therefore, we are now deprecating all of ...
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NMath Stats integration with Essential Chart

We previously released some free adapter code and a whitepaper detailing how to create visualizations of NMath data with Syncfusion’s Essential Chart. A follow-up whitepaper and adapter code extends these capabilities to NMath Stats.  This paper details how to: Use the NMathStatsChart adapter to create and customize Essential Chart ChartControl instances easily. Plot vectors, matrices, fu...
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