Author: Trevor Misfeldt

Porting Excel to .NET

In previous blog posts, we demonstrated calling NMath from within Excel (C#, Visual Basic). Another common use case is replacing an Excel spreadsheet with an equivalent .NET application. Today, we are releasing .NET code to make this task much easier. We have created a library of Excel extensions for NMath that work just like the built-in Excel mathematical and statistical functions. They work ...
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NMath Tutorial videos

We are proud to announce a series of NMath tutorial videos on how to use CenterSpace's math library products. We are starting, naturally, with Getting Started with NMath. You can download it here: MP4 Please let us know which topics you want us to cover. Email Cheers, Trevor
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Large matrices and vectors

Customers frequently ask us the size of the largest matrix they can instantiate. With recent developments at Microsoft the maximum object size now significantly depends on your OS (x86 or x64) and the version of .NET your application is referencing. With .NET 4.5 huge matrices can be created that far exceed the current 2GByte limit. Pre .NET 4.5 Until 2012 all Microsoft 32-bit .NET process...
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Clearing a vector

A customer recently asked us for the best method to zero out a vector. We decided to run some tests to find out. Here are the five methods we tried followed by performance timing and any drawbacks. The following tests were performed on a DoubleVector of length 10,000,000. 1) Create a new vector. This isn't really clearing out an existing vector but we thought we should include it for complet...
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