NMath Premium’s new Adaptive GPU Bridge Architecture

The most recent release of NMath Premium 6.0 is a major update which includes an upgraded optimization suite, now backed by the Microsoft Solver Foundation, a significantly more powerful GPU-bridge architecture, and a new class for cubic smoothing splines. This blog post will focus on the new API for doing computation on GPU's with NMath Premium. The adaptive GPU bridge API in NMath Premium 6....
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Distributing Parallel Tasks on Multiple GPU’s

In this post I'm going demonstrate how to use the Task Parallel Library with NMath Premium to run tasks in parallel on multiple GPU's and the CPU. Back in 2012 when Microsoft released .NET 4.0 and the System.Threading.Task namespace many .NET programmers never, or only under duress, wrote multi-threaded code. It's old news now that TPL has reduced the complexity of writing threaded code by provi...
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Detecting and Configuring your GPU for Computation

Detecting your GPU Before evaluating NMath Premium or any other GPU-aware software you need to know what type of hardware you have and verify that the correct drivers are installed. There are two quick ways of detecting your NVIDIA GPU and viewing it's hardware specifications. The majority of installed NVIDIA GPU's in desktop computers are there acting as high performance video rendering...
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Offloading Computation to your GPU

Large computational problems are offloaded onto a GPU because the problems run substantially faster on the GPU than on the CPU. By leveraging the innate parallelism of the GPU overall performance of the application is improved. (For example, see here and here.) However a second collateral benefit of moving computation to the GPU is the resulting offloading of computation from the CPU. But, until t...
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An Introduction to Linear Algebra on the GPU

NMath Premium was designed to provide an easy-to-follow path for .NET developers to leverage the performance of the GPU without having to wade through the complexities of GPU programming and their attendant details. NMath Premium allows developers to build once and run anywhere without concerning themselves with their users' installed GPU models and versions, or even the existence of a GPU. NMath ...
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