New Versions of NMath Libraries Released

CenterSpace is proud to announce the immediate availability of NMath 4.1 and NMath Stats 3.2. As described in an earlier post, this release adds many new features and performance enhancements.

Version 4.1 of NMath adds peak finding and Savitzky-Golay derivatives, a Runge-Kutta ODE solver, the Box-Cox transformation for making non-normal data resemble normally-distributed data, and faster vector math.

Version 3.1 of NMath Stats adds Johnson transformations of the normal distribution, the Kruskal-Wallis rank sum test, and regression statistics for polynomial fitting and curve fitting.

The new release is build-compatible with the prior release. Upgrades are provided free of charge to customers with current annual maintenance contracts. Maintenance contracts are available through our webstore.

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