Precision and Reproducibility in Computing

Run-to-run reproducibility in computing is often assumed as an obvious truth. However software running on modern computer architectures, among many other processes, particularly when coupled with advanced performance-optimized libraries, is often only guaranteed to produce reproducible results only up to a certain precision; beyond that results can and do vary run-to-run. Reproducibility is inte...
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Absolute value of complex numbers

Max Hadley from Schlumberger in Southampton, UK came to us with an interesting bug report regarding the MaxAbsValue() and MaxAbsIndex() functions as applied to complex vectors in the NMathFunctions class.  Most of the time these methods worked as expected, but they would intermittently fail to correctly identify the maximum element in large vectors with similar elements. In researching the MKL ...
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MKL Memory Leak?

We recently heard from an NMath user: I am seeing a memory accumulation in my application (which uses NMath Core 2.5). From my memory profiler it looks like it could be an allocation in DotNetBlas.Product(), within the MKL dgemm() function. I understand that MKL is designed such that memory is not released until the application closes. However, as this application runs in new worker threads al...
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