Accessing .Net Libraries in SQL Server

In previous posts we demonstrated calling CenterSpace's NMath libraries from Excel. Some customers asked if we could call these libraries from Microsoft's SQL Server so we decided to give it a shot. It turns out the problem is a substantially harder problem to solve as the SQL environment is an order of magnitude more complex. This post will show it is possible, but with a few caveats. T...
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Advanced Curve Fitting using Excel and NMath

In recent blog posts, we have discussed how to call CenterSpace's Libraries from Excel. In his March 2010 blog post, CenterSpace's Ken Baldwin demonstrated how to replicate Excel's existing Trendline functions using C# and NMath. In this post, we will demonstrate the advanced curve fitting functions available in the CenterSpace libraries that could be easily be integrated into Excel analysis wor...
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Calling External .NET Libraries from Excel

There are many circumstances where you may need to access an external library of functions or routines from Excel.  For example, if you need a complex function such as fitting data to a surface, or portfolio optimization, that is not natively available in Excel.  There also may be a need to protect proprietary calculations by using user defined functions to process algorithms in a black box manner...
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SuperComputing 2010

CenterSpace Software will be at SC 10 in New Orleans. Our team will be delivering a presentation at the Intel booth on November 18th at noon. Our CEO, Trevor Misfeldt, and CTO, Paul Shirkey, will be presenting a customer success story on NMath and MKL. If you're attending, please join us at the presentation. We look forward to seeing you. Let us know in advance and we can schedule some ti...
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NMath Upgrades Available

We're pleased to announce new versions of the NMath libraries - NMath 4.1, and NMath Stats 3.2. Added functionality includes... NMath Core Custom debug visualizers for matrix and vector classes. Improved performance on multi-core computers. and more... NMath Matrix General sparse matrix classes and factorizations Weighted least squares (WLS) by complete orthogonal (CO) deco...
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