A Year at CenterSpace, and the View Forward

At CenterSpace software, we have just finished up an action-packed year working with new customers, developing new solutions for old customers, and releasing new versions of our NMath and NMath Stats products. This next year will bring many more positive changes to the CenterSpace community. This is a short post about what we’ve done over the past year, and where we are heading in 2010.

Look back over 2009

The following are some highlights and changes that occurred over the past year at CenterSpace.

  • Increased our sales over 70% year over year. Thank you to all of our great customers!
  • Hired Dan Whitaker as our VP of Sales and Marketing and hired Paul Shirkey, as a Research Scientist.
  • Started a Consulting Initiative that has resulted in faster code and better use of our libraries for our clients, and detailed information for our team which has improved our products. This has been a true win-win for both our clients and CenterSpace.
  • Started a Clouding Computing Initiative that has resulted in a very fast Non-Negative Factorization implementation in the cloud.
  • Consolidated our products line from four to two libraries, NMath and NMath Stats (a simplification for us and our customers).
  • Two full product releases, most recently in November releasing NMath 4.0 and NMath Stats 3.1.
  • Dan started a new monthly newsletter providing valuable information about high-performance numeric computing on the .NET platform.
  • Started active blogging and twitter communities.

Sneak peek at 2010

We have a lot of fun at CenterSpace and are all looking forward to digging deeper into high performance numeric computing. Our goal is always to do the computational heavy lifting, so our customers can solve their own challenging problems with easy to use high performance libraries on their side. That will remain unchanged in 2010. However, as with this past year, 2010 will no doubt bring many changes to CenterSpace again.

  • More high performance forward scaling algorithms in areas such as data filtering and analysis, broader support for signal processing (building on our FFT library).
  • More algorithms deployed in the cloud for very high performance and scalability.
  • A completely redesigned website to better capture and convey all the products and services offered by CenterSpace.
  • More mutually beneficial partnerships with software vendors that can leverage NMath in their offerings.
      We’d like to offer a heartfelt thanks to all of our customers: Thank-you!

      Here’s to a productive and enjoyable 2010,

      -The CenterSpace Team

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