NMath and Silverlight

Customers have asked about using NMath from a Silverlight application.

NMath uses unmanaged code–specifically, Intel’s Math Kernel Library (MKL), an implementation of the BLAS and LAPACK standard.

In Silverlight 4.0, you can use NMath in two ways. You can either use JavaScript to talk to the server and have NMath running there, or you can register classes as COM objects on the local machine and call into them.

In Silverlight 5.0, you will be able to call unmanaged code directly on the client. NMath will have to exist in the client, but interfacing with it should be quite simple.

– Trevor

2 thoughts on “NMath and Silverlight

  1. Hi Trevor,

    As per statement end users will be able to use NMath directly in SilverLight 5.0. So can you provide any sample code for this. It will be very helpful for us.
    And kindly also provide prerequisites to run and deploy silverlight application using NMath.


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