Infragistics CenterSpace Partnership

Infragistics and CenterSpace Software have created a partnership to provide our customers with sample projects that demonstrate the power of integrating Infragistic’s visualization with CenterSpace Software’s math and statistical libraries. Please stop by our partnership page and check out the examples if you need high quality visualization tools to complement your computational projects.

Free Examples

Currently there are two free examples, one using the Infragistics .NET WinForm’s Chart tool and a second using Infragisitcs .NET WPF Chart tool each deriving data from CenterSpace’s math libraries. The two example are summarized below.

  • The Window Forms C# example demonstrates Savitzy-Golay data smoothing in a single Infragsitics chart along with two filtering controls. This sample includes a helper class to organize NMath Vectors into a data table with column headers that is consumed by the Infragistics chart.
  • Periodogram of sun spot data.
    The WPF C# example demonstrates estimating the power spectral density of historic sun spot data using NMath’s FFT and filtering classes. The raw sun spot data, periodogram, and the power spectral density are shown in a series of three WPF Infragistics charts.

In order to compile and run either of these examples, please follow the links from the partnership page and download trial versions of both the CenterSpace & Infragistics .NET toolsets.


Please let us know if you have found these examples helpful and what else you’d like to see cooked up. Customers frequently ask us about visualization tools sets and we hope through this partnership to provide information and code examples to accelerate your development projects.

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