Announcing NMath 6.0 and NMath Stats 4.0

We’re pleased to announce new versions of the NMath libraries – NMath 6.0, and NMath Stats 4.0.

Added functionality includes:

  • Upgraded to Intel MKL 11.1 Update 3 with resulting performance increases.
  • Added Adaptive Bridge™ technology to NMath Premium edition, with support for multiple GPUs, per-thread control for binding threads to GPUs, and automatic performance tuning of individual CPU–GPU routing to insure optimal hardware usage.
  • NMath linear programming, nonlinear programming, and quadratic programming classes are now built on the Microsoft Solver Foundation (MSF). The Standard Edition of MSF is included with NMath.
  • Added classes for solving nonlinear programming problems using the Stochastic Hill Climbing algorithm, for solving quadratic programming problems using an interior point algorithm, and for solving constrained least squares problems using quadratic programming methods.
  • Added support for MKL Conditional Numerical Reproducibility (CNR).

For more complete changelogs, see here and here.

Upgrades are provided free of charge to customers with current annual maintenance contracts. To request an upgrade, please contact Maintenance contracts are available through our webstore.

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