CEM Solver at UT Austin

The folks at the Center for Electromechanics at University of Texas at Austin (UT-CEM) are doing some neat simulation projects with power systems, and we were honored to learn that NMath is at the core of their CEM Solver software. CEM Solver demonstrates substantial performance improvements over SimPowerSystems, reducing simulation time for a typical example from 23 minutes down to 30 seconds, for a 46x improvement!

Dr. Fabian M. Uriarte, Research Associate at UT-CEM, recently had this to say about NMath:

“If performance, documentation, and reliable technical support are important to you, then NMath is what you need. In our application, we parallelize the solution of large, sparse Ax=b systems. Using NMath, we saw significant performance gains over Math.NET. Additionally, NMath has a very large set of classes that suit our needs in other numerical aspects as well. We are extremely pleased with the performance of NMath and highly recommend it to others. This library is a ‘must have.’"

Thanks for the kind words, Fabian!  You can check out the CEM Solver project at http://www.utexas.edu/research/cem/CEM_solver.html, or check out the demonstration video below.

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