Finding Peaks in Data with NMath

Finding peaks in experimental data is a very common computing activity, and because of its intuitive nature there are many established techniques and literally dozens of heuristics built on top of those. CenterSpace Software has jumped into this algorithmic fray with a new peak finding class based on smooth Savitzy-Golay polynomials. If you are not familiar with Savitzy-Golay polynomial smoothi...
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New Cloud Bioinformatics Partnership with Floragenex

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Partnership with Innovative Genomic Services Company Corvallis, Oregon (May 13, 2009) - CenterSpace Software, a leading provider of enterprise class numerical component libraries for the .NET platform, and Floragenex, an innovative genomic research services company, today announced that they have teamed up to build a flexible genomics data analysis pipeline in the cloud. ...
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