Professional Services

Custom development of software applications, algorithms and other services

CenterSpace is a team of “problem solvers”┬áin every sense of the word.

The Solutions Team at CenterSpace has decades of development experience. We also have deep expertise with object-oriented numerics and a proven track record of building and deploying critical applications.

Please Contact us to learn more and discuss solutions for your critical project.

The Solutions Team

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We take the time to understand specific client requirements and the business case. The expertise of our team includes but is not limited to the following types of projects:

  • Review of existing code bases to optimize performance;
  • Algorithm development utilizing advanced math and stats functions;
  • Translating code from R, Matlab, Excel and other platforms into commercial grade, high performance applications.
  • Numerical library development, especially partnered development of library components that fit within our overall NMath product strategy.
  • Cloud implementations with AWS or Azure;
  • Application development in .NET, C++ and allied languages;