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12.3 Value Operations of Histograms (.NET, C#, CSharp, VB, Visual Basic, F#)

The Histogram class has the following read-only properties:

Bins gets the bin boundaries as an array of Interval objects.

Counts gets the counts for each bin as an array of integers.

NumBins gets the number of bins in the histogram.

NumSmaller gets the number of data points that were smaller than the smallest bin boundary.

NumLarger gets the number of data points that were larger than the largest bin boundary.

Total gets the total number of data points added to the histogram.

Similarly, the Count() member function gets the bin count for a given bin. Reset() resets all bin counts (and NumSmaller and NumLarger) to zero; the number of bins and the bin boundaries remain unchanged.

PDF() computes the probability density function (PDF) for a specified value or bin, and CDF() computes the cumulative distribution function (CDF).