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NMathFunctionsFiveParameterLogisticFtnEvaluate Method (DoubleVector, Double)

Evaluates the five parameter logistic function for the given parameter values at the given point.

Namespace:  CenterSpace.NMath.Core
Assembly:  NMath (in NMath.dll) Version: 7.4
public override double Evaluate(
	DoubleVector parameters,
	double x


Type: CenterSpace.NMath.CoreDoubleVector
The parameter values.
Type: SystemDouble
The point to evaluate the function at.

Return Value

Type: Double
The function value for the given parameter values at the the given point.
5PL is an extension of 4PL with an additional parameter controlling the degree of asymmetry of the curve:
f(x) = p3 + (p0-p3)/(1 + (x/p2)^p1)^p4
, where p0 is the value at 0, p1 is the slope factor, p2 is the mid-range value, p3 is the value at infinity, and p4 is the asymmetry factor.
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