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TwoParameterAsymptoticFtn Methods

The NMathFunctionsTwoParameterAsymptoticFtn type exposes the following members.

Public methodClone Returns a deep copy of the base. Deriving classes must override this method.
(Inherited from DoubleParameterizedFunction)
Public methodEvaluate(DoubleVector, Double) Evaluates the parameterized asymptotic function for the given parameter values at the given point.
(Overrides DoubleParameterizedFunctionEvaluate(DoubleVector, Double))
Public methodEvaluate(DoubleVector, DoubleVector, DoubleVector) Evaluates the parameterized function for the given parameter values at the given set of points.
(Inherited from DoubleParameterizedFunction)
Public methodGradientWithRespectToParams Method for calculating the gradient with respect to the parameters while keeping x fixed at the specified value.
(Overrides DoubleParameterizedFunctionGradientWithRespectToParams(DoubleVector, Double, DoubleVector))
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