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RungeKutta45OdeSolverSolve(FuncDouble, Double, Double, DoubleVector, Double, RungeKutta45OdeSolverOptions) Method

Solves the given initial value problem of ordinary differential equation of the form y' = f(t,y) or y' = M(t,y)*f(t,y) for problems that involve a mass matrix M.

Namespace: CenterSpace.NMath.Core
Assembly: NMath (in NMath.dll) Version: 7.4
public RungeKutta45OdeSolverSolution<DoubleVector> Solve(
	Func<double, double, double> odeFunction,
	DoubleVector timeSpan,
	double y0,
	RungeKutta45OdeSolverOptions solverOptions


odeFunction  FuncDouble, Double, Double
A delegate which evaluates the right hand side of the differential equations.
timeSpan  DoubleVector
A vector specifying the interval if integration [t0, tf]. The solver imposes intitial conditions at t0 and integrates from t0 to tf If the timeSpan vector contains two elements, the solver returns the solution evaluated at every integration step. If the timeSpan vector contains more than two points the solver returns the solution evaluated at the given points. The time values must be in order, either increasing or decreasing.
y0  Double
Initial value for problem. It is the value of the unknown function y at the initial time value timeSpan[0].
solverOptions  RungeKutta45OdeSolverOptions
User settable options used while solviong.

Return Value

The solution as a key-value pair. The Key value is a vector of time values, and the Value is a vector of state values. The ith value of the Value vector is the state corresponding to the ith time value in the Key vector.
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