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TwoWayAnovaUnbalanced Properties

The TwoWayAnovaUnbalanced type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAnovaTable Gets the ANOVA table.
Public propertyFactorARegressionFactorParameters Gets the ANOVAs for the factor A regression parameters.
Public propertyFactorBRegressionFactorParameters Gets the ANOVAs for the factor B regression parameters.
Public propertyGrandMean Gets the grand mean.
(Overrides TwoWayAnovaBaseGrandMean)
Public propertyInteractionRegressionFactorParameters Gets the ANOVAs for the interaction regression parameters.
Public propertyRegressionInterceptParameter Bets the ANOVA regression parameter object associated with the intercept parameter.
(Overrides TwoWayAnovaBaseRegressionInterceptParameter)
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