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TrustRegionParameterCalc Properties

The TrustRegionParameterCalc type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCalculationMessage If the algorithm succeeds the string will be empty. Otherwise it will contain information about the failure.
Public propertyConverged Gets a boolean indicating convergence of the trust region minimization algorithm.
Public propertyInformationMatrix The information matrix is the matrix of negated second partial derivations of the log likelihood function. It is the inverse of the variance/covariance matrix for the parameter estimates.
Public propertyIsGood Gets a boolean indicating success of failure of the calculation.
Public propertyIterations Gets the number of iterations performed by the most recent calculation.
Public propertyMaxIterations Gets and sets the maximum number of iterations for the trust region minimization algorithm.
Public propertyMinimizer Gets the TrustRegionMinimizer object used to calculate the parameters. TrustRegionMinimizer
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