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LinearRegressionAnova Properties

The LinearRegressionAnova type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAdjustedRsquared Gets the adjusted coefficient of determination.
Public propertyErrorDegreesOfFreedom Gets the number of degrees of freedom for the model error.
Public propertyFStatistic Gets the overall F statistic for the model.
Public propertyFStatisticPValue Gets the p-value for the F statistic.
Public propertyMeanSquaredRegression Gets the mean squared for the regression.
Public propertyMeanSquaredResidual Gets the mean squared residual.
Public propertyModelDegreesOfFreedom Gets the number of degrees of freedom for the model.
Public propertyRegressionSumOfSquares Gets the regression sum of squares.
Public propertyResidualSumOfSquares Gets the residual sum of squares.
Public propertyRSquared Gets the coefficient of determination.
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