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PLS2 Methods

The PLS2 type exposes the following members.

Public methodCalculate(DataFrame, DataFrame, Int32) Calculates the partial least squares fit.
Public methodCalculate(DoubleMatrix, DoubleMatrix, Int32) Calculates the partial least squares fit.
Public methodClone Creates a deep copy of this PLS2.
Public methodHotellingsT2 Calculaties Hotelling's T2 statistic for each sample. T2 can be viewed as the squared distance from a samples projection into the subspace to the centroid of the subspace, or, more simply, the variation of the sample point within the model.
Public methodPredict(DoubleMatrix) Predict the responses for a set of predictor values.
Public methodPredict(DoubleVector) Calculates the predicted value of the response variable for the given value of the predictor variable.
Public methodQResiduals Calculates the Q residuals for in sample in the model. The Q residual for a given sample is the distance between the sample and its projection in the subspace of the model.
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