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FloatSparseHermPDFact Methods

The FloatSparseHermPDFact type exposes the following members.

Protected methodFactor Factor method for a complex Hermitian positive definite matrix.
(Overrides FloatComplexSparseFactFactor)
Public methodFactor(SparseMatrixDataCompressedSparseRowT, T) Factors the input sparse matrix.
(Inherited from SparseMatrixFactT)
Protected methodSetError Maps the given MKL integer error code to the appropriate enum value.
(Inherited from SparseMatrixFactT)
Public methodSolve(FloatComplexMatrix) Uses the current factorization to solve for several right hand sides.
(Inherited from FloatComplexSparseFact)
Public methodSolve(FloatComplexVector) Uses the current factorization to solve for the given right hand side.
(Inherited from FloatComplexSparseFact)
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