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RungeKutta5OdeSolverSolve Method (FuncDouble, DoubleVector, DoubleVector, DoubleVector, DoubleVector)

Solve the given initial value problem: y' = f(t,y) The step sequence is determined by timeSpan

Namespace:  CenterSpace.NMath.Core
Assembly:  NMath (in NMath.dll) Version: 7.4
public DoubleMatrix Solve(
	Func<double, DoubleVector, DoubleVector> odeFunction,
	DoubleVector timeSpan,
	DoubleVector y0


Type: SystemFuncDouble, DoubleVector, DoubleVector
A delegate which evaluates the right hand side of the differential equations.
Type: CenterSpace.NMath.CoreDoubleVector
A vector specifying the interval of integration and the values at which to perform the integration steps.
Type: CenterSpace.NMath.CoreDoubleVector
Initial value for problem. It is the value of the unknown function y at the initial time value timeSpan[0].

Return Value

Type: DoubleMatrix
A matrix containing the calculated solution the the points timeSpan. The ith row of this matrix is the calculated solution at the point timeSpan[i].
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