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Download your trial version now on NuGet with the links below. The evaluation license will work for 30 days.

NMath 7.0 is available for three different operating systems. It includes our statistics functionality. This library requires at least .NET Framework 4.6.1 or .NET Core 2.0. 64-bit OS only.

NMath 7.0 for Windows/Linux

NMath 7.0 for Windows

NMath 7.0 for Linux

NMath 7.0 for Mac OSX

NMath 6.2 is fully-supported and available. NMath Stats 4.2 is compatible with it. Together they have the functionality of NMath 7.0. Supports versions of the .NET framework 4.0 and later. Requires the 2017 C++ runtime library. x86 and x64.

NMath 6.2 for Windows

NMath Stats 4.2 for Windows (Requires NMath 6.2)

Please contact us at, if you require older versions, are interested in other operating systems or have licensing questions.