NMath Stats User's Guide

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.NET Framework View page, View page


adjacency matrix View page

adjusted R2 View page

ADO.NET objects

converting to data frames View page

creating from data frames View page

alpha levels View page

ALS View page

Alternating Least Squares (ALS) View page

analysis of variance (ANOVA) View page

ANOVA View page

ANOVA regression parameters View page

AnovaRegressionFactorParam View page

AnovaRegressionInteractionParam View page

AnovaRegressionParameter View page

Any CPU build configuration View page

API documentation View page

applying functions View page

arithmetic mean View page

Assemblies View page

autocorrelation View page


beta distribution View page

BetaDistribution View page, View page

BiasType View page, View page, View page

binary serialization View page

binomial distribution View page

BinomialDistribution View page, View page

boolean columns View page

Box-Cox power transformations View page


categorical vectors View page

CDF View page

cell data View page, View page

cell means View page

CenterSpace.NMath.Stats namespace View page

central moments View page

central tendency View page

centroid linkage View page

charting View page

chi-square distribution View page

ChiSquareDistribution View page, View page

city-block (Manhattan) distance View page

cluster analysis View page

ClusterAnalysis View page, View page, View page

clustering View page

ClusterSet View page, View page

code examples View page

coefficient of determination View page

column names View page, View page, View page


accessing View page

adding data View page

creating View page

exporting to a string View page

exporting to a vector View page

exporting to an array View page

properties View page

removing data View page

reordering View page

Common Language Specification View page

compiled Help View page

complete linkage View page

complete orthogonal decomposition View page

confidence interval View page

consensus matrix View page

contacting technical support View page

contingency table View page

convergence check period View page

cophenetic distance View page

CORegressionCalculation View page

correlated random inputs View page

correlation View page

counts View page

covariance View page

covariance matrix View page

Cox and Snell pseudo R-squared statistic View page

Cp View page, View page

Cpk View page, View page

Cpm View page, View page

critical values View page, View page, View page

Cronbach's alpha View page

cross validation View page

cross-tabulation View page

cumulative distribution function View page


data frames

adding columns View page

adding rows View page

column properties View page

column types View page

creating View page

exporting to a matrix View page

exporting to a string View page

exporting to ADO.NET View page

permuting rows and columns View page

properties View page

removing columns View page

removing rows View page

sorting View page

DataFrame View page–??

datetime columns View page

deciles View page

decimal types View page

descriptive statistics View page

design variables View page

DFBoolColumn View page

DFColumn View page

DFDateTimeColumn View page

DFGenericColumn View page

DFIntColumn View page

DFNumericColumn View page

DFStringColumn View page

diagonally-scaled gradient descent View page

Distance View page

distance functions View page

Distance.Function View page

distribution classes View page

documentation View page

readme View page

Reference Guide View page

User's Guide View page

dummy variable regression parameters in ANOVA View page

dummy variables View page

Durbin-Watson statistic View page


effects encoding View page

Euclidean distance View page

exponential distribution View page

ExponentialDistribution View page, View page


F distribution View page

F test View page

Factor View page, View page, View page, View page

Factor analysis View page

factor extraction View page

factor rotation View page

factor score View page

factor score coefficients View page

factor scores View page

factors View page

accessing View page

creating View page

grouping by View page

properties View page

FDistribution View page, View page

Fisher transformation View page

Fisher's Exact Test View page

Frobenius matrix norm View page


G statistic View page

gamma distribution View page

GammaDistribution View page, View page

gaussian distribution View page

GDCLS View page, View page

generic columns View page

generic functions View page

geometric distribution View page

geometric mean View page

GeometricDistribution View page, View page

goodness of fit View page, View page

GoodnessOfFit View page

GoodnessOfFitParameter View page, View page

Gradient Descent - Constrained Least Squares (GDCLS) View page

grand mean View page, View page, View page

graphing View page

group means View page, View page

grouping by factors View page, View page

groupings View page, View page


harmonic mean View page

hold out method View page

Hosmer Lemeshow statistic View page

hypothesis tests View page

creating View page

properties View page, View page

HypothesisType View page


IDFColumn View page

ILogisticRegressionCalc View page

InputVariableCorrelator View page

integer columns View page

intercept parameter View page

intercept parameters View page

internally studentized residuals View page

interquartile range View page, View page

inverse CDF View page

inverse cumulative distribution function View page

inverse Fisher transformation View page

IRandomVariableMoments View page

IRegressionCalculation View page

ISerializable interface View page

Iterative Power Method View page


jackknife estimates View page

jackknifing View page

Johnson system of distributions View page

JohnsonDistribution View page


k-fold cross validation View page

KMeansClustering View page

Kolmogorov-Smirnov test View page, View page

Kruskal-Wallis rank sum test View page, View page

KruskalWallisTest View page

kurtosis View page, View page


least squares minimization View page

likelihood function View page

linear regressions View page

creating View page

modifying View page

predictions View page, View page

results View page

significance of parameters View page

significance of the overall model View page

LinearRegression View page

LinearRegressionAnova View page

LinearRegressionParameter View page, View page

Linkage View page

linkage functions View page

linkage tree View page

Linkage.Function View page

loading matrix View page

logical functions View page, View page

logistic regression View page

LogisticDistribution View page, View page

LogisticRegression View page

LogisticRegressionFitAnalysis View page

log-normal distribution View page

LognormalDistribution View page, View page



converting to data frames View page

creating from data frames View page

maximum (Chebychev) distance View page

mean View page, View page

mean deviation View page

mean of the ranges method View page

median View page

median deviation from mean View page

median linkage View page

Microsoft Chart Controls for .NET View page

min/max functions View page

missing values View page, View page

mode View page

multiple linear regression View page

multiplicative update rule View page

multivariate techniques View page


Nagelkerke pseudo R-squared statistic View page

namespaces View page

NaN values View page

negative binomial distribution View page

NegativeBinomialDistribution View page, View page

NewtonRaphsonParameterCalc View page

NIPALS View page

NMath Core View page, View page

NMathStatsChart View page

NMF View page

NMFClustering View page, View page, View page

Nonlinear Iterative PArtial Least Squares (NIPALS) View page

nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) View page, View page

Non-parametric tests View page

normal distribution View page

NormalDistribution View page, View page

Not-A-Number values View page

numeric columns View page


odds ratio View page

OneSampleKSTest View page

OneSampleTTest View page

OneSampleZTest View page

one-way ANOVA View page

accessing the ANOVA table View page, View page

one-way RANOVA View page

accessing the RANOVA table View page

OneWayAnova View page

OneWayAnovaTable View page, View page

OneWayRanova View page

OneWayRanovaTable View page


Partial Least Squares View page

Partial least squares Discriminant Analysis View page

parts per million defective View page, View page

PDF View page

Pearson chi-square statistic View page

Pearson correlation View page

Pearson's chi-square test View page

PearsonsChiSquareTest View page

percent defective View page, View page

percentiles View page

permuting columns View page

permuting data frames View page

plotting View page

PLS-DA View page

poisson distribution View page

PoissonDistribution View page, View page

power distance View page

Pp View page, View page

Ppk View page, View page

predictions View page, View page

predictor matrix View page

principal component analysis View page

probability density function View page

probability distributions View page

ProbabilityDistribution View page

process capability View page, View page

process capability index View page

process performance View page

ProcessCapability View page

ProcessPerformance View page


documentation View page

features View page

overview View page

software requirements View page

pseudo R-squared View page


QR decomposition View page

QRRegressionCalculation View page

quadratic mean View page

quartiles View page


R2 View page

random samples View page

ranks View page

readme file View page

ReducedVarianceInputCorrelator View page

regression calculators View page

regression matrix View page

regularization View page

reordering columns View page

reordering data frames View page

residual standard error View page

RMS View page

root mean square View page

row keys View page, View page, View page

modifying View page


sampling View page

serialization View page

SIMPLS View page

single linkage View page

singular value decomposition View page

skewness View page, View page

SOAP serialization View page

software requirements View page

SortingType View page, View page, View page

sparsity View page

Spearman's rank correlation coefficient View page

Spearman's rho View page, View page

spread View page

squared Euclidean distance View page

SSE View page

standard deviation View page

standardized residuals View page

statistical functions View page

data types View page

missing values View page

statistical process control View page

StatsFunctions View page–??

StatsSettings View page

stopping adjacency View page

Straightforward IMplementation of PLS (SIMPLS) View page

string columns View page

Student's t distribution View page

studentized residuals View page

subject means View page

Subset View page

subsets View page

accessing elements View page

arithmetic operations View page

creating View page

logical operations View page

properties View page

sum of squared errors View page

sums View page

SVDRegressionCalculation View page


t test View page, View page, View page

tabulation View page

Taguchi capability index View page

TDistribution View page, View page

technical support View page

time series View page

treatment means View page

triangular distribution View page

TriangularDistribution View page, View page

trimmed mean View page

trimming data View page

TrustRegionParameterCalc View page

TwoSampleFTest View page

TwoSampleKSTest View page, View page

TwoSamplePairedTTest View page

TwoSampleUnpairedTTest View page

TwoSampleUnpairedUnequalTTest View page

two-way ANOVA View page

accessing the ANOVA table View page

two-way RANOVA View page

TwoWayAnova View page

TwoWayAnovaTable View page

TwoWayAnovaTypeI View page

TwoWayAnovaTypeII View page

TwoWayAnovaTypeIII View page

TwoWayAnovaUnbalanced View page

TwoWayRanova View page

TwoWayRanovaTable View page

TwoWayRanovaTwo View page

TwoWayRanovaTwoTable View page

typographic conventions View page


Unbalanced two-way ANOVA View page

unbalanced two-way ANOVA View page

uniform distribution View page

UniformDistribution View page, View page

unweighted average linkage View page


variance View page, View page

variance inflation factor View page

varimax rotation View page

visualization View page

Von Neumann ratio View page


Ward's linkage View page

Weibull distribution View page

WeibullDistribution View page, View page

weighted average linkage View page

weighted mean View page


Z Bench View page

Z bench View page, View page

z test View page

ZBench View page