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TwoWayAnovaTypeII Constructor

Constructs a TwoWayAnovaTypeI instance from data in the given data frame.

Namespace: CenterSpace.NMath.Core
Assembly: NMath (in NMath.dll) Version: 7.4
public TwoWayAnovaTypeII(
	DataFrame data,
	int factorAColIndex,
	int factorBColIndex,
	int dataColIndex,
	bool fullIncrementalSumOfSquares = true


data  DataFrame
A data frame.
factorAColIndex  Int32
The index of the column for Factor A.
factorBColIndex  Int32
The index of the column for Factor B.
dataColIndex  Int32
The index of the data column. The indicated column must be numeric and cannot contain missing values.
fullIncrementalSumOfSquares  Boolean  (Optional)
If true sums of squares will be computed for each regression parameter. If false sums of squares will be computed only for each regression factor. So, if factor A has m levels and factor B has n levels and fullIncrementalSumOfSquares is true (m - 1) + (n - 1) + (m - 1)*(n - 1) sums of squares will be computed - one for each dummy regression parameter. if fullIncrementalSumOfSquares is false, only 3 sums of squares will be computed - one for factor A, one for factor B, and one for the interaction.
InvalidArgumentException Thrown if the data column contains missing values (NaNs) or the data cannot be converted into numeric values.
Factors are constructed from the factor columns using the DataFrame method GetFactor(), which creates a sorted array of the unique values.
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