Author: haxar

NMath Charts in WPF

The NMathChart adapter class makes it easy to generate visualizations of NMath data in as little as one line of code.  The Chart class that is created is a Windows Forms control, but this control can be included in a Windows Presentation Foundation application by using the WindowsFormsHost element. To do so: Add references to these namespaces: System.Windows.Forms Sys...
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NMath 5.3, NMath Stats 3.6 are coming

NMath 5.3 and NMath Stats 3.6 are nearing release!  Here are a few of the things that you can look forward to in the new releases: IEnumerable<T> support for matrix classes, facilitating their use with LINQ. An in-place solve option for LU factorization. Improved support for NMath configuration within ASP.NET web applications. Matrix and vector visualizers for debugging in ...
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Building ASP.NET web applications with NMath

NMath can be used to create ASP.NET web applications, just like any other .NET application. However, there are a few additional considerations for building and deploying ASP.NET applications. Referencing NMath To use NMath types in your application, add a reference to NMath.dll, just as you would with other types of .NET applications. If you are using web projects in Visual Studio, you can simpl...
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CenterSpace at University of Chicago

Trevor and Andy are at the University of Chicago today, speaking at the “Workshop on Functional Programming in Quantitative Finance” hosted by the Stevanovich Center for Financial Mathematics. We’ve already connected with many of our users in the Chicago area, but please come say hello to us at the conference!  The F# example solution that we worked with during the tutorial session can be ...
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NMath Stats integration with Essential Chart

We previously released some free adapter code and a whitepaper detailing how to create visualizations of NMath data with Syncfusion’s Essential Chart. A follow-up whitepaper and adapter code extends these capabilities to NMath Stats.  This paper details how to: Use the NMathStatsChart adapter to create and customize Essential Chart ChartControl instances easily. Plot vectors, matrices, fu...
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