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50.2 Process Performance (.NET, C#, CSharp, VB, Visual Basic, F#)

Class ProcessPerformance computes the process performance indices Ppk and Pp for normally distributed data. If the data are not normal, the BoxCox transform can be used.

Instance of ProcessPerformance are constructed from a vector of input data measurements, and lower and upper specification limits.

ProcessPerformance provides the following properties:

Ppk gets the process performance index.

Pp gets the process performance.

For example:

Code Example – C# process control

DoubleVector data = ...
double LSL = 1.90;
double USL = 2.10;
var pp = new ProcessPerformance( data, LSL, USL );
Console.WriteLine( pp.Ppk );

Code Example – VB process control

DoubleVector Data = ...
Dim LSL As Double = 1.9
Dim USL As Double = 2.1
Dim PP As New ProcessPerformance(Data, LSL, USL)