Mono versions of NMath now available

Due to popular request, our NMath and NMath Stats libraries are now available for use in developing applications on Mono. The Mono versions include all of the same features as the .NET/Windows libraries, with native code compiled for Linux and Mac OS X. More information is available at

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Access to the Mono version is included at no additional charge with the purchase of a .NET (Windows) license.  All customers with a current maintenance agreement can obtain the Mono version by visiting and entering your product key.  (If you need to renew your maintenance agreement, you can do so at

If you are interested in evaluating NMath on Mono, we offer a free trial version, distributed in binary form only for a 30-day evaluation period.

Please let us know what you think, and thanks, as always, for your business.

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3 Responses to “Mono versions of NMath now available”

  1. shan bai Says:

    I got the Mono of Nmath, but looks a little document in the package. Can I register the Mono of Nmath in my Grasshopper java project? ( I would like use my c# code directly compiled to Java)
    If so, what should I do?


  2. Darren Brown Says:

    Hello Shan Bai,

    It appears that this is not possible. In reading through the Grasshopper documentation I came across this page:

    The two main issues that I see are:

    1. Unsafe code is not supported.
    2. Calling native Win32 APIs (Interop, PInvoke) is not supported.

    NMath makes calls to MKL via PInvoke and we use unsafe code blocks to manipulate data structures directly in memory. Much of NMath would not be usable via Grasshopper.

    Darren Brown
    Research Scientist, CenterSpace Software

  3. shan bai Says:

    Thanks for your reply.

    Do you have a solution for How to compile c# code with Nmath lib into Java or linux version?


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